Holistic Core Restore® Courses

Holistic Core Restore ® Courses;

EveryWoman Phase 1 – 6 weeks our entry level programme
EveryWoman Phase 2 weeks 7 -12  – afurther 6 weeks online building on your success in EveryWoman Phase 1
Diastasis Recovery -3 x 60min sessions over 6 week


            Holistic Core Restore ® Athlete 12- 12 week online

 Holistic Core Restore® Rel-ease – 6 week class


Every Woman
C-Section Recovery
Diastasis Recovery

HCR® Every Woman Group Programme Phase 1 (weeks 1 – 6)

This is our entry & starting level Holistic Core Restore® programme. For detailed information about the Every Woman programme please visit our Holistic Core Restore® page. Online support is continuous via Burrell Education and our own private Facebook support group.

See timetable below for  2020 course dates.

Thursday 4th June 2020

 Thursday 4th June Evening  Session – 6.30pm pm – 7.45pm
week course staring 7th Nov plus one extra session with me me on a 1:2:1 first.
The Studio,Church Lane, Jevington, Eastbourne, BN26 5QE

 = £147 including Kit

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2020 Courses

Athlete 12 Live and Online 12 weeks with life time access to all online videos.

Held at ONLINE

2nd April  12 weeks

 = £96 including Kit but not dumbbells & cups

3 monthly payments of £32 every 4 weeks to join follow link here; https://www.eastbourneholisticcorerestore.com/instalment

= £75 if you have kit already but not dumbbells & cups 

3 monthly payments of £25 every 4 weeks to join follow link here; https://www.eastbourneholisticcorerestore.com/instalment

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2020 Course EveryWoman Phase 1 weeks 1 -6

Held at The Studio, Church Lane, Jevington, Eastbourne, BN26 5QE

Thursday 4th June Evening Session – 6.30pm  – 7.45pm
week course  staring  7th Nov plus one extra session with me me on a 1:2:1 first.
The Studio,Church Lane, Jevington, Eastbourne, BN26 5QE

= £147including Kit

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Course EveryWoman Phase 1 & 2 12 weeks £197 

EveryWoman Phase 2 weeks 7 – 12 weeks £67 

HCR® EveryWoman Group Programme Phase 2 (weeks 7 -12)

This is Phase 2, the follow on programme from Phase 1 of the EveryWoman Holistic Core Restore® programme  – building on your success.

Eastbourne Sessions 

week course
 At your Home

 = £67 (you need your Every Woman Kit)

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Holistic Core Restore ® Athlete 12

OK, OK, OK, so here’s a brand new offering for  2019.  It’s time to get busy :-)!  Introducting Holistic Core Restore ® Athlete 12.  12 weeks of upping your game, upping the intensity, upping the effort and ultimately, 12 weeks of getting FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER and being able to go for LONGER because you’ve built a strong HCR foundation and now you’re ready to roll!

Excitingly, you can access this programme either ONLINE or work LIVE with your HCR Coach so once you have your FOUNDATION in place and the time is right for you to work harder…..this will be heroic!  You truly will enter ‘athlete mode’ with this programme and have a lot of fun getting probably the fittest you’ve ever been.

£147.00 for 12 weeks inlcudes kit but not Dumbbells or cups. Pay in instalments  3 payments; www.eastbourneholisticcorerestore.com/instalment

£129.00 if have kit already. Pay in instalments  3 payments 0f £43 = pay here; www.eastbourneholisticcorerestore.com/instalment


Dumbbells are needed but not included in kit price or the cups

Athlete 12   Online 12 weeks with life time access to all online videos.

Next course starts 5th Nov


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Holistic Core Restore® Rel-ease

Forget ‘stretching’, let’s RELEASE AND RE-ALIGN!   Let’s change the narrative about what we do to feel good in our skins on a daily basis.  Introducing HCR Rel-ease!  This programme will change FOREVER how you feel about ‘stretching’……

Aches, pains and changes to one’s posture are a standard part of the Pregnancy to Post Natal life phase and indeed the life of any woman and any women simply ‘put up’ with muscular aches and pains when there are simple, time effective, self-care solutions available to everyone.  Holistic Core Restore ‘Release’ is an ESSENTIAL part of any woman’s self-care toolbox.  Simple ways to ‘release’ muscular tension that draw on self-massage, myofascial movement, Yoga and Pilates traditions.   This programme also involves simple meditation strategies and ESSENTIAL Pelvic Floor and nervous system down-training which, we all know, is just as important as ‘doing the work’.  A delicious and ESSENTIAL part of any wellness strategy and suitable (with modifications) for all women.  Remember:  the function of your Pelvic Floor, the way you breathe and the healing of your Diastasis all depend on optimal postural alignment…it truly matters, so how about we prioritize moving freely in our daily life?

£72.00 for 6 weeks with a cuppa afterwards of your choice ( Pukka Teas)

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Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman 1:1

For clients that have had C-Section deliveries or abdominal surgery this programme is focuses on the release of restrictions caused by scar tissue, so that correct breathing and alignment can be re-established. We then go on to re connect breath and pelvic floor function to generate good core function. This is then built on with progressive functional mobility and loading, giving the client core function that is fit for their daily lives.

C-section 1:1 program (6 sessions)

 = £337  x 6 Sessions – 1hr each session with the first session being 1hr 30mins long.

including Kit

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HCR® Diastasis Recovery 1:1

For clients that are recently postnatal or who are many years postnatal, an unhealed diastasis is a major factor in core dysfunction and can be linked to urinary stress incontinence and lower back pain. Our diastasis programme combines assessment of posture, core function, soft tissue work and exercise prescription plus the kit you will need for your home care programme.

Diastasis 1:1 program (3 sessions)

 = £197 x 3 Sessions – 1hr each session

Diastasis 1:1 program (6 sessions)

= £337 x 6 Sessions


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C-section Recovery 1:1

Recovery from C-Section is truly an inside-out affair and involves a programme involving hands on massage therapies, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work before we  finally get to the  ‘core restoring’ exercise part of the puzzle. This programme goes deep and gets GREAT results!

Held at The Studio, Jevington, Eastbourne

​By Appointment

£337 x 6 Sessions  – 1hr each session

+  Includes all  exercise equipment to keep for life