I had never had any form of massage before I saw Denise. I went to see her before one of my big events and races and had the best race position of the year after her sports massage.  I also visited her again after two back to back races, one in Leeds and the other was the local Eastbourne Tri to keep me in top form. I have since had a post-race massage with Denise too to keep me flexible and moving. I now continue to make sure I book my appointments in advance once I have my race events confirmed for the season.

Luke Howard- Eastbourne, Triathlete - Bodyworks XTC

The majority of my work is spent hunched over my desk and looking at my computer. I found my way to Denise after being recommended to her. Denise assessed my work station position and how I sat. She suggested some changes I could make to make it more comfortable for me to work at and also gave me some aftercare exercises to do to strengthen my core to help my posture. Denise then proceeded to help re-align my body position through a variety of massage techniques and stretches and I continue to see her monthly to make sure I do not slip back into my old ways.

Janet Pink- Seaford, Training Consultant

I came to see Denise after my first half knee replacement to see if she could help me with the surrounding muscles. After a consultation, Denise worked through the range of motion that I had with my new replacement and worked on all of the corresponding muscles. Afterwards it felt as if she had made them all “smile” and I found walking much easier.

Debbie Roberts- Lewes, Management Consultant

I have been coming to Denise for nearly a whole year as she has progressed through her massage course. I have seen and felt with her wonderful hands the benefits of a sports massage. I run every week and compete in various Rough Runner competitions and 10k runs with Eastbourne 10k being my latest run. I see Denise after each big run and she relaxes my muscles and finds any tight ones and rectifies them too. I highly recommend her skills and feel totally refreshed after each massage.

Denise Dyer -Polegate, Ambulance driver & member of Polegate Plodders running group